Wednesday 24 April 2024

A-Z Challenge 2024: April 24. U:- Unfortunate events

Reports of unfortunate events taken from The Mid Sussex Times.

Accident – head injuries sustained!!
It was reported that Master Max Hobbs, aged eleven, had been taken to Haywards Heath Hospital suffering from head injuries after an accident while riding a bicycle. (1944)

Choked on a fishbone!!!
Mrs Ede fancied a herring for breakfast but was not able to pick out all the bones and one got stuck in her throat.  Before help arrived she had expired.  She was 74 and lived in Cuckfield for the greater part of her life. (1881)

Sudden death of an infant!!
An infant was discovered lifeless in the arms of its mother, Mrs Knight, of Mizbrooks.  An inquest was to be held. (1892)

Sudden death!
Mrs. Elizabeth Gard, the wife of the White Hart Inn landlord, suffered a sudden apoplectic fit while in bed. Despite medical attention, she passed away. Mrs. Gard, aged 54, had been in poor health recently. (1892)

Terrible accident!!
A tragic incident unfolded when a middle-aged laborer employed by Mr. Hudson at Holmstead Farm accidentally discharged an old gun he had hidden in a hedgerow. The gun belonged to his master. The gun blast blew off his knee and injured a hand. He was swiftly found and transported to the Workhouse Infirmary, where the doctor promptly performed a leg amputation. (1887)

Mr. Hobbs, the butcher, faced a terrifying accident while preparing to slaughter a bullock on the Borde Hill estate. A falling bar from a pulley struck him on the head, causing a severe wound. He was promptly attended to by a doctor upon returning home. (1888)

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