Thursday 2 May 2024

A to Z Reflections update: Alphabet

Reading other Reflections on their #AtoZChallenges2024 I saw that some people have listed their topics so I thought I would list them here although they do appear if you click the posts in April in the blog archive.

A = All Saints Mission

B = Brickwills

C = Cottage Homes

D = Dinosaurs

E = Education

F = Facts about Cuckfield

G = Ghosts

H = Hallowed Ground

I = Independent State of Cuckfield

J = Vicars with names beginning J

K = Charles Eamer Kempe

L = Little Domers

M = Macauley House

N = Nuclear War Bunker

O = Ockendon Manor

P = Population of Cuckfield

Q = Questions

R = Rapes of Sussex

S = Sussex Families

T = Twenty Sussex Puritan Names

U = Unfortunate Events

V = Vagrancy

W = Who and What on this Day

X = Xmas Tree Festival

Y = You Tube Videos of Cuckfield

Z = Zero Day

I created all the pages in Blogger in advance and had them scheduled to publish on the right day.

I have also created a spreadsheet with suggested topics for each letter of the Alphabet and as I saw other people's topics I then added them to the list as I read other AtoZChallenge posts.  Also I can add topics to it as whilst doing research throughout the year.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

A-Z Challenge 2024: Reflections

 I stumbled across the idea of the At to ZChallenge for bloggers quite by chance and straight away thought it a good idea for giving information about my One Place Study of Cuckfield.  I only discovered to challenge at the beginning of March so I had to get my head down and do some research quickly, having a list of letters and potential topics to hand.

Cuckfield Compendium website was created in the late 1990's/early 2000's but was only registered as a One Place Study in 2023.  This blog was only created in 2023 to accompany the website and to help increase it's media presence.  

Each day I tried to create 2 pages and have them ready to automatically post on the right day on my blog.  Obviously I found more information a few days later and by being ahead of the game I could still amend or add to already prepared blog posts.  Some days, of course, I didn't have a chance to even create one post but they were all there and ready to go with a couple of days to go before the actual challenge started.

I learned a lot of information and useful links whilst I did the research and so consequently have yet another bookmark on my toolbar so I can easily go back to them.

I had to think about where I could widen my link to the public because my blog, being fairly new, doesn't have much footfall at the moment.  I really wanted to get it out there so that it would be seen and people researching Cuckfield for whatever reason would find it and be led to my big website on Cuckfield.  In the end I used the obvious choice of posting to my Facebook profile and also in a local group for Cuckfield. I also posted in the four main "tweeting" apps:  X (formerly known as Twitter), Bluesky, Threads and Mastodon.

It has been interesting to monitor the statistics for the encouraging number of hits (295) the blog has had during April and the winner hands down was Facebook with Twitter not far behind.  I have also had an increased footfall on my website.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey if you have been a follower.

Now I have 26 days worth of topics to add to my website either on pages that are already have some content on the subject or else create some draft pages ready for more information and then upload them.  It might be a busy time.

  • This was the start of the journey.
  • You can view my website here.
  • You can see what the Society of One Place Studies is all about here.

I have created an A to Z spreadsheet with different topics and as I have read other blogs during this challenge I have been able to add other possibilities to the list of topics per letter.

To end.....would I do it again?  Yes I would but maybe not on Cuckfield this time.  I could do it on my own genealogy blog or maybe on a new blog for yet another One Place Study if I get it up and running in time.  

Tuesday 30 April 2024

A-Z Challenge 2024: April 30. Z:- Zero Day

Z is Zero day ….. the day to plan and start doing.


You have read all my blog posts, or have you?  If not, now is the time to go back and start reading them if you have an interest in Cuckfield. Cuckfield Compendium Blog

 You have an ancestor from Cuckfield and haven’t browsed the website and find what it has to offer!!  If not, now is the time to go and start reading the website. Cuckfield Compendium

You have a brickwall with a Cuckfield connection and haven’t asked for it to be put on the website?   Email me with the details you are looking for. Link is at the bottom of this page. Brickwalls

You would like to get in touch with others researching your ancestor names; what is stopping you? Look at the page on Genealogy Interests to see if you have a similar interest and then email me with the details you would like put up there…name of interest and years.  Link for email is at the bottom of the page.

You have information that would add to what I have already put on the website or you have information you would like to see on there?  Then please do get in touch.  Link at the bottom of the two pages as given above or else there is a link close to the village sign picture on the Intro page.

You have a website with Sussex ancestors on it and haven't been in touch yet to tell me about it!!  All the information you need to get it to me is given in the point above.


So, that is it…..the final day, the final letter but do come back tomorrow to read my reflections on taking part in this challenge. 

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Monday 29 April 2024

A-Z Challenge 2024: April 29. Y:- You Tube videos of Cuckfield


Enjoy a few You Tube videos of Cuckfield

1.  Cuckfield Village by Drone

2.  The Cuckfield Mayor's Procession

3.  The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Street Party

4.  Cuckoo Fayre at Cuckfield

5.  Holy Trinity Church by Drone

6.  The Cold War Bunker, Cuckfield

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Saturday 27 April 2024

A-Z Challenge 2024: April 27. X:- Xmas Tree Festival


Little Yellow Duck Tree

The Cuckfield Tree Festival: A Local Tradition

The inaugural Cuckfield Tree Festival was in 2003 and has since become an eagerly anticipated annual event. With the exception of 2020 and 2021 during Covid pandemic years, this festive celebration has been held every year since.  It is an important event in the local calendar.   More about the history of the event, right from its introduction, can be found here

What to Expect at the Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival

Mark your calendars for the second weekend in December! The Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival transforms the picturesque Holy Trinity Church into a holiday wonderland. Nestled in the heart of Cuckfield and its surrounding areas, this cherished tradition invites the community to come together.

Dazzling Displays and Creative Themes

Step inside the church, and you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking array of Christmas trees. Each tree, lovingly adorned by local businesses, charities, and organizations, tells a unique story. Prepare to be enchanted by creative themes, sparkling ornaments, and festive lights that infuse the space with holiday magic.

Credited to Holy Trinity Church

More Than Meets the Eye

Beyond the visual spectacle, the festival offers something for every sense. Throughout the weekend, the air resonates with heartwarming live seasonal music, adding an extra layer of enjoyment. And just a quick minute’s walk away, the Tree Festival cafĂ© awaits in the Old School, providing a spot to recharge.

A Charitable Tradition

The Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival isn’t merely an attraction—it’s a community-driven endeavour with a purpose. Each year, it raises funds for a worthy local charity. On Friday evenings, the Old School hosts a craft market, while Cuckfield High Street comes alive with stalls supporting local causes. It’s a popular evening in the village, where goodwill and festive spirit abound.

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye on the official website for updates. The Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival promises joy, tradition, and a chance to give back—all wrapped up in twinkling lights and goodwill.

Little Yellow Duck Project

This is a global initiative that aims to raise awareness about the life-saving impact of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue donation. I decorated this tree in 2015 to promote the project and its reason.  I and others knit, crochet or sewed over 300 little ducks that could be taken away from under the tree.  Each duck is named and  had a tag round its neck explaining what it was about and encouraging the taker to register the ducks name on their website.  View the map and more on this website

Little Yellow Duck Tree

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